Why..milk is important for young children?

         Milk is high in calcium, which is important for growing bones and teeth. Calcium from milk is more easily taken into the body than from vegetable and other foods. In addition, Milk also provides good protein. And energy from fat, Milk also provides some vitamins, especially Vitamin A (in the milk fat) and B group vitamins. Which is essential for growth

          Breast milk is most important food  for your baby during the first year of life  and is still very important in the next few years. Children under 12 months of age should have breast milk for their main drinks. Once your baby turns 1 years, you can switch his feed from breast milk to UHT milk. Children under 2 years of age need the nutrients and healthy fat in whole for brain development. Whole cow's milk gives fat for energy and growth.

          Breast milk is most important food for your baby during the first year of life, because their children's intestines are developing digestive system.